A PWHT procedure (Post Weld Heat Treatment) is where the regulations and requirements for a heat treatment are recorded in a quality document in advance. This guarantees the required result. For such products, Smit Industrial Heat Treatment supplies the so-called Heat Treatment certificate.PWHT Quality document

Critical components

A PWHT procedure is often used for heat treatments of critical components in an installation. This could include storage tanks for chemical substances or a heat exchanger. This procedure is particularly common in the (petro)chemical sector, and boiler/equipment engineering. What’s more, the insurer of such installations often sets a PWHT procedure as a mandatory requirement.

Solid construction

When building a storage tank or heat exchanger for instance, the constructor must consider carefully which type of material to use and which heat treatment is required to retain or strengthen the material’s properties. Of course, it is important here that the construction is not deformed during heat treating. In order to draw up a good PWHT procedure and achieve the best results, Smit Industrial Heat Treatment can offer an advising role even during the planning and preparing phase.

Guaranteed results

If you like to record the results of a heat treatment in a PWHT procedure or would you like further information, then please feel free to contact the specialists at Smit Industrial Heat Treatment without obligation.

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