Do you use long drive shafts in your industrial pumps or gas generators? Then you’ll know better than anyone how important it is that they are completely straight. After all, warped shafts cause an enormous amount of vibration when operating at high speeds. Heat treatment is a risk for such objects. If treated horizontally, high temperatures may cause the shaft to warp.

Vertical annealing

Smit Heat Treatment is therefore expanding its range of services to include vertical annealing. This method of low-tension annealing guarantees the straightness of the shaft. Thanks to the high air volume in the atmospheric furnace, the hanging shaft – with a length up to a maximum of 4.5 metres – is treated effectively with a very even temperature spread.

Its many years of experience and expertise in heat treatment techniques means Smit Heat Treatment is able to offer this specialist service professionally and reliably in its response to increasing demand in the market. Smit Heat Treatment furnaces are TÜV-certified for a very even temperature spread as per Merkblatt HP 7/1.

Find out more?

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