The foundation of what Smit Industrial Heat Treatment is today, was laid in 1949. The following chronology shows the development of the company, specifying influential people and special events.

  • 1949
    Establishment of Gloeidienst (Annealing Service) as a demonstration unit of Smit Ovens in Nijmegen
  • First mobile deployment with resistance heating at Backer & Rueb in Breda
  • 1953
    Smit develops mobile low-frequency induction equipment for the execution of on-site heat treatment
  • 1957
    Smit develops mobile medium and high frequency induction equipment for the execution of on-site heat treatment
  • 1960
    First heat treatment of a round seam larger than Ø8m accomplished
  • 1969
    First mobile oven with interior dimensions 10x10x8m at NDSM in Amsterdam
  • 1985
    First heat treatment of a heat exchanger using a ventilation system at Bronswerk Heat Transfer in Nijkerk
  • 1989
    Smit Gloeidienst B.V. taken over by Antoon Goossens
  • 1992
    Smit Gloeidienst anneals gas-storage-atmosphere (spherical tank) Ø20m 450T in the harbour of Antwerp
  • 1993
    Occupation of new building Havenlaan 16 Cuijk
  • 1994
    Smit Gloeidienst is the first annealing company to be ISO 9001 and VCA certified
  • 2007
    Company transferred from father to son
  • 2009
    Establishment of Smit Glühdienst GmbH
  • 2014
    Smit Gloeidienst becomes Smit Industrial Heat Treatment
  • SMIT celebrates its 65th anniversary and 25 years of independence
  • 2016
    Akkermans Gloeitechniek wordt opgenomen in de Smit bedrijven groep.