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Smit Heat Treatment is the right address for any challenge that can be met with heat. Our expertise, flexibility, versatility, speed and quality enable us to offer a fitting solution for every heat treatment issue.

We have acquired a wealth of knowledge and skills in our more than 70 years of operation. Combining the expertise of our skilled employees with an extensive range of machines enables us to offer the most ideal annealing solution for every sector and every challenge.

  • Do you want to prevent or correct the undesired effects of a production process?
  • Do you want to soften material for further processing?
  • Do you want to make material harder and/or more wear resistant?
  • Do you want to strengthen material?
  • Do you want to dry material?
what we deliver


Smit Heat Treatment has a wide scope. No project is too big or small for us, regardless of the complexity of your heat treatment requirements. We have created an extensive package of services for you. Click on the link to view more information on our services page:

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HGCT (Hot Gas Cycle Test)
Shrinking and loosening of shrink-fitting connections
Normal annealing
Soft annealing
Ageing and renewing
PWHT (Post Weld Heat Treatment)
Rekristalliserend gloeien
Solution annealing
Annealing heat exchangers
Precipitation hardening
Homogenous annealing
Our specialist techniques

Annealing techniques

Seventy years of experience in the field of heat treatment and equipment developed in-house enable us to apply all possible annealing techniques. View our annealing techniques page to read more on the various options.

  • Induction
  • Resistance
  • Stationary air atmosphere oven
  • Stationary inert gas atmosphere oven
  • Mobile oven
  • Spot repair
  • Expertise and support
  • High Velocity Burner
  • RCCF (Remote Controled Container Furnace)
About Smit Heat Treatment BV

A rock-solid specialist in heat treatments

Smit Heat Treatment BV was established in 1949. The company now operates from three sites, in both the Netherlands and Germany. We can offer an appropriate solution for every heat treatment issue from Cuijk, Rotterdam and Willich. We would love to be your go-to partner in the field of annealing technology, providing a solid foundation of quality for a warm relationship.

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