Smit Heat Treatment is a genuine family firm. After having been based in Nijmegen for decades, the company moved in 1993 to a newly built premises on the Havenlaan in Cuijk. Since then, this location has formed the basis of the renowned specialist in annealing technology.

Extensive range of machinery

Nine stationary furnace are situated at the Cuijk location: three bogie hearth furnaces, three chamber kilns, two laboratory furnaces and an inert-gas atmosphere oven. With temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Celsius, various heat treatments can be carried out, such as normalizing, stress-relieving and recrystallizing annealing. The largest of these is 18 x 5 x 5 meters. The existing crane is suitable for moving workpieces weighing up to 70 tons. Workpieces can also be treated on-site using induction heating or resistance heating.

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Cuijk location: the foundation of Smit Heat Treatment

Specialist in annealing technology

With its extensive range of machinery and over 70 years of experience, Smit Heat Treatment can rightly call itself the specialist in the field of heat treatments. In Cuijk, for example, we are able to provide heat exchangers with a specialist heat treatment. By means of a uniquely developed ventilation system we are able to heat the inside and outside of the exchanger evenly.


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specialist in gloeitechniek

Hanging annealing

Unique to the location in Cuijk is the option of annealing suspended workpieces. Shafts with a length of up to 4.5 metres can undergo vertical heat treatment in the relevant bogie hearth furnace. This guarantees the straightness of the workpiece. The spacious atmospheric furnace used for this purpose has a large air volume so that a high degree of temperature uniformity can be created and the shaft is treated with the same, constant temperature over its entire length.

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Heat treatment with inert gas

The location in Cuijk features an inert-gas atmosphere furnace. This furnace operates without an air atmosphere, as the air in the oven is replaced by an inert gas. As a result, there is no reaction between the metal and the oxygen during heat treatment, preventing an oxide layer on the workpiece. The steel thus remains blank and this makes post-treatment – such as blasting – superfluous. A heat treatment in the inert-gas atmosphere furnace is therefore particularly ideal for products with very narrow dimensions.

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