Smit Heat Treatment possesses a multitude of stationary and mobile ovens. Mobile ovens are unique in the market and are constructed at your location. This can be done within a few days. In other words, you can anneal at any desired location in the world!

Custom-made mobile oven

A mobile oven at your location is absolutely no problem with the Smit Heat Treatment mobile oven system. These are temporary mobile ovens that are constructed entirely in accordance with your wishes and in the fitting dimensions for one-off heat treatments. But these ovens are also ideally suited to the execution of multiple heat treatments, possibly spread over a longer period.

Mobile oven

Mobile oven and the advantages for you

A mobile oven has various advantages:

  • Short assembly and disassembly time – the oven is constructed within a few days
  • Unlimited dimensions (to approx. 10,000 m3 volume)
  • Low-oxygen oven atmosphere limits oxidation to a minimum
  • Heating of the ovens with oil or gas burners using low-sulphur oil
  • Optimum heat transfer due to high air speeds
  • Precise temperature measurement based on the measurement of the temperature of the workpiece
  • Registration of the heat treatment on 6 or 12-channel recorders
  • Your project is treated on site, without transportation and the accompanying costs.
Our services

Always correct dimension

The Smit Glühdienst GmbH mobile oven system makes it possible to anneal any desired workpiece at your location. The oven is constructed within a few days and has unlimited dimensions, to a volume of approximately 10,000 m3. Whatever your question, when working with Smit Heat Treatment there is no doubt that the work can be annealed at your location. In addition, you benefit from Smit’s quality, flexibility, speed and versatility. Our expert employees possess a great deal of knowledge and experience and are happy to work with you on devising the most ideal solution. Would you like to know about the options? Please contact us.


Renting a mobile furnace

Do you regularly have large workpieces that require heat treatment? Then you might be interested in renting a mobile furnace for a longer period of time – even indefinitely – from Smit Heat Treatment. The furnace then only has to be assembled once at your location and can be used at any time. The moment you wish to carry out heat treatment, our specialist will come to ensure it all runs smoothly. You are therefore always assured of high-quality heat treatment.

The advantages of renting for a longer period of time:

  • You do not need to transport your workpieces for heat treatment, thus saving time and expense
  • The furnace only has to be set up once
  • It can then be used at any time
  • The heat treatments are carried out by a specialist from Smit Heat Treatment
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