Over the past decades, Smit Heat Treatment has become the specialist in annealing technology. The company has its head office in Cuijk, expanded in 2009 with a location in Germany, and also settled in the western part of the Netherlands in 2016. In that year, Akkermans Annealing Technology was acquired in Rotterdam.

Further professionalization

With the acquisition of Rotterdam-based Akkermans Annealing Technology, Smit Heat Treatment has further expanded its area of operations. Further professionalization at this location has resulted in an improvement in quality and an even better service.

The location in Rotterdam has nine chamber kilns in different sizes. The largest of these is 10 x 6 x 3 meters. With the crane at this location, workpieces weighing up to 30 tons can be moved.

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Rotterdam location: specialised in steel hardening

High temperatures

All furnaces in Rotterdam are suitable for high-temperature heat treatments – up to 1,300 degrees Celsius. Ideal for annealing exotic materials, stainless steel and castings. High-temperature annealing results in harder steel. Smit Heat Treatment also has resistance and induction machines available for carrying out on-site heat treatments on workpieces.

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Ovens geschikt voor hoge temperaturen

Specialist in hardening steel

The location in Rotterdam is specialised in steel hardening. During the hardening treatment, maximum hardness of the steel is achieved at high temperatures. After heating, the material is cooled down very quickly, also known as ‘quenching’. This is done in Rotterdam using a water or polymer bath, depending on the desired hardness of the material. For the highest degree of hardness, cooling with polymer is used. After quenching, the structure of the material is made tougher and therefore stronger by means of a tempering treatment. During this treatment, the material is heated at a low temperature for a certain period of time.

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