Smit Heat Treatment was established in 1949 and now has more than 70 years of experience in the field of annealing techniques. We have various stationary and mobile ovens with which we can anneal all your workpieces.

8 stationary ovens

Smit Akkermans Heat Treatment has three site locations – in Nijmegen, Rotterdam and Düsseldorf. We have 8 different ovens with various dimensions and properties at these sites. This means that we are your go-to address for all one-off and serial production heat treatments of the widest range of materials – from carbon steel to fine steel.

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Stationary oven

Stationary ovens that meet all standards and requirements

Smit Glühdienst attaches great importance to safety. This is why we are ISO and VCA certified and our ovens meet the most stringent internationally applicable standards and requirements of TÜV AD-Merkblatt HP 7/1 and SCIOS scope 5. Moreover, we execute heat treatments in accordance with all known standards, such as: ASMe, BS 1500, NACE and Stoomwezen, etc. You can therefore be certain that we execute our work with care and extremely safely.

Stationary ovens with various properties

Smit Heat Treatment has a multitude of stationary ovens with different dimensions and properties. Our ovens can be heated to 1300 degrees. You can find a stationary air atmosphere oven, which is the longest oven that we possess, at our location, which, interestingly, is also the longest oven in Europe.

Inert gas atmosphere oven

In addition to our stationary air atmosphere oven, we also have an inert gas atmosphere oven. This is, in principle, the same as an air atmosphere oven, but without an air atmosphere. The advantage of a stationary inert gas atmosphere oven is that no reaction occurs between oxygen and metal, which means that no oxide layer is left on the steel. The steel remains untarnished and there is no risk that the lower limit of the dimensions will be exceeded due to the removal of rust.

Loading and unloading workpieces

We have a 70-ton crane to facilitate the loading and unloading of your workpieces.

Would you like to use our stationary ovens or would you more information on the possibilities? Please contact us. We are happy to help!


Further information

If you would like more information on the possibilities with our stationairy ovens, please contact us without obligation. We would be pleased to help you!

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