Smit Akkermans Heat Treatment, established in 1949, is the specialist in the field of heat treatment. Induction annealing is one of the services in the range that we offer. Over the years, Smit Glühdienst has developed into the number one induction specialist.

The induction specialist

Smit Heat Treatment is a specialist in the field of induction. This is a technique that works on the basis of alternating current. This alternating current affects a magnetic field that consists of a beam. It basically works likes an induction cooker, in which the alternating current heats the bottom of the pan, but not the cooker itself. Smit Heat Treatment uses this process on a larger scale.

Our services
Induction specialist

Advantages of induction heating

Induction annealing or induction heating has various advantages:

  • Short assembly and disassembly times
  • Ideally suited for the local heating of workpieces
  • Using high frequency induction enables you to process a series of small workpieces in a short time
  • Can be used for the smallest and largest weld seams
  • Suitable for the heat treatment of round and sealing seams
  • Optimum energy yield due to inductive heat generation
  • Suitable for the execution of pre-heating work
  • Precise temperature measurements by measuring the temperature of the workpiece
  • Registration of the heat treatment on 6 or 12-channel recorders
Annealing techniques

Medium frequency induction annealing

Smit Glühdienst GmbH is specialised in high-frequency induction annealing as well as medium-frequency induction annealing. Medium-frequency induction annealing is ideal for the low stress annealing or pre-heating of round and sealing seams to a diameter of more than 10 metres. Important advantages of inductive heating are the short warming up times and the incredibly consistent temperature. Induction annealing is possible in any desired location.

More about high-frequency induction annealing

Customised induction annealing

Are you looking for a solution in the field of induction annealing? Smit Heat Treatment is specialised in the field induction. Our more than 70 years of experience ensures you of fitting advice on any induction annealing issue. We look forward to working with you on the most ideal solution for your situation. Would you like to know about the possibilities? Please contact us, we are happy to help.


Further information

If you would like more information on the possibilities of induction work, please contact us without obligation. We would be pleased to help you!

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