Annealing heat exchangers is a special craft. Smit Heat Treatment has developed a unique method for this purpose, which only requires one treatment to anneal the entire heat exchanger.

Annealing heat exchangers without deformation

Over the years, Smit Glühdienst GmbH has specialised in the annealing of heat exchangers, whereby the tube bundle is already in the sleeve and the tubes of the heat exchanger are welded to the tube sheet. Annealing with this system, developed in-house by Smit Heat Treatment, prevents deformation of the tube bundle due to stretching and shocking during the heating and cooling phase.


Annealing techniques
Annealing heat exchangers

Annealing heat exchangers with just one annealing treatment

Annealing with Smit Heat Treatment’s in-house developed system has a number of advantages:

  • Only one annealing treatment is required to anneal the entire heat exchanger with low stress
  • Optimum yield
  • Power consumption is extremely low

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Quality as the foundation of every solution

Smit Heat Treatment was established in 1949 and has now gained more than 70 years of experience in the field of heat treatments. Annealing heat exchangers is an important element in this field. Quality is the foundation of everything that we do. This level of quality in combination with the expertise of our professional employees enables us to deliver customised work at an attractive price. The fact that we carefully listen to your needs and actively participate in your thought process ensures that we can formulate the most ideal solution for every heat treatment issue, time and time again.

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